The Incredible Human Body in a Book | Claire Hawcock

The Incredible Human Body in a Book | Claire Hawcock

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The Incredible Human Body in a Book provides a truly extraordinary interactive look at the miracle of the human body! Not only does this book take readers on a fascinating step-by-step journey of discovery, it also includes the pieces to build your very own 500mm tall model of the human skeleton - complete with organs! With each spread focusing on a different part of the body, it provides a visually rich and clearly described explanation of the vital processes such as circulation, the nervous system and the organs. Uniquely, a fold-out pocket in each spread provides the component parts to construct the appropriate section of a 500mm tall detailed model of the human skeleton with internal organs in place! This original and superbly engineered book offers the whole family a great way to understand how our bodies work. Suitable for children aged 7 and up.

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